About the EasyRPG Homepage


The homepage is currently provided “as-is”, we are not able to have a common license for all files, as they have been cluttered over the years. We are going to clear that up and hope to provide it under a Creative Commons license later. We hope that this is in the intention of the original authors and designers (see issue #5 for reference).


  • Ghabry
  • fdelapena
  • carstene1ns
  • falc
  • (Possibly others) FIXME


  • Ben Beltran
  • carstene1ns (additions, modifications, scss port)

Technologies used

3rd party software

Included are the following 3rd party software:


The Homepage itself does not use cookies. However, the external hosted sites (Blog, Community, CI…) need cookies to work properly.


Homepage development is hosted by GitHub, project files are available in this git repository: